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Art with Purpose

Making meaningful Art!
What makes my art unique or prophetic? First, I acknowledge that living a Godly life and presenting myself & my art as an extension of God's creative mind and knowledge of order, design, and meaning to showcase God's Truth. Second, I set my art apart and allow others to enjoy the designs and spiritual meaning of the colors. I create to show Honor to God for His Creativity & Designs.

I created a series of paintings to help me refocus my thoughts by studying the spiritual realm of colors & numbers from God's perspective. Art that enriches & encourages your spirit man each day bringing meaning to your life and help you renew your mind each day! 


NFT Sets

The first Monday of each month.  I am offering an NFT, physical painting, and matching shirt.

Keep Creating

Creative Art T-shirts - Adult Sizes Only


Currently, studying the Spiritual meaning of Colors from a Biblical perspective.